Patterson Place Home Care Management


Step 1: The Intake Call (Free Initial Assessment)

When you call or fill out Patterson Place’s Needs Assessment Form, our team gathers information about you and your family member’s home care needs. First, we ask questions to get an overall picture of your situation. This includes you and/or your loved one’s contact information, living conditions, current medications, mobility issues, illnesses or diagnoses. This helps us determine qualifications and the level of care that you or your loved one needs.

Step 2: Care Plan/Nursing Assessment

Our nurses will then schedule an appointment to conduct an assessment of you or your loved one’s needs. Typically, this is done in the client’s home in the presence of his or her family members. The RN/LPN will then evaluate the client’s medical condition, diagnosis, and activities of daily living.  The nursing care plan/ assessment includes detailed recommendations that become your loved ones day to day care plan.

Step 3: The Right Caregiver Match

Once the care plan has been created, we begin the process of matching you or your loved one with the appropriate caregiver.  If you or your family find you are not comfortable with the fit, we will change your caregiver immediately for one, more suitable to your needs and comfort level.  See our Caregivers page.

Step 4: Ongoing Supervision

Patterson Place provides routine RN/LPN supervision as well as inspections to ensure we are maintaing the highest quality of care to you or your loved one.