Patterson Place Home Care


People often prefer to remain in their own homes with the assistance of family, friends, community care services and Home Care Agencies.

Todays home care includes a multitude of services from assistance with daily living activities like grooming, bathing and oral hygiene. Patterson Place’s services are offered 24/7 with a minimum of 8 hours per visit, 4 days per week.

Where To Begin

  • Begin with an RN/LPN assessment for in-home care. To help you understand what kind of caregiver to hire (such as someone with a nursing background versus a home care aide or homemaker-companion), have the person in your care checked by his or her doctor.
  • Determine your in-home care budget.
  • Plan an in-home care schedule. Once you know how much is financially available for in-home care, and you have a sense of you or a loved one’s needs, the RN/LPN will assist in creating a caregiver’s schedule.  Patterson Place will then carefully assign a caregiver to fit your schedule.